When people come together to honor their loved one, it should be in a calming, stress-free atmosphere. This is why Atkins-Northland Funeral Home & Cremation Service is proud to offer ShareLife, letting you bring your loved one’s unique journey and story to life.

What is ShareLife? 

ShareLife is a unique type of service that allows you to recreate the amazing story of your loved one in a room of remembrance, devoted specifically to your unique needs. The ShareLife experience starts with a projection of special scenes and photos which showcase moments of your loved one’s life, allowing you to appreciate and reflect on your best memories together.

These memories, partnered with a favorite song, soothing scents, and sound effects to enhance the memorial experience, help family members and friends to celebrate and remember the good times shared. It’s not one thing, it’s everything that we do to make your loved one’s celebration of life personal and memorable. Your loved one was a unique person; let us help make their memorial service just as special.

​Display Meaningful Memories

Showcase favorite moments using ShareLife. With a large projection screen to showcase photos, outdoor scenes, and precious memories, you can recreate your loved one’s life in a meaningful way.

Sounds and Scents Unique to Your Loved One

A room personalized with the sounds and scents that were enjoyed by your loved one inspires the special memories to stay in the hearts of friends and families. Whether they loved the smell of the ocean, the sights of their hometown, or the faces of those most precious to them, you can design the perfect environment to honor their life. For veterans and those who served, you can choose a more patriotic theme to showcase their devotion to their country and community.

Share the Music That Made Them Sing

Music has been known to enhance your memory and playing music that held a special place in your loved one’s heart can be a therapeutic experience. Whether the music comes from a CD, online, or from a musician, a meaningful song is the perfect background.

For ShareLife services, we’ll ensure that a trained Celebrant will be there to help lead your service and create the atmosphere for remembrance. Your loved one’s service should be filled with purpose and meaning, as was their life.

We’re proud to provide ShareLife services at Atkins-Northland Funeral Home & Cremation Service​. For help every step of the way, contact us today at ​(218) 206-6166​.